Long Term and Short Term Plans

Because your need may be different and you may need just a short stay, we offer two plans.  One is board by the month, the other board by the day with overnite.  Either way, our entry requirements are the same.  (See our Home page again for a review!)

Plan One  

This is a daily and overnite plan.  We charge buy the day a flat rate per day on short term stays. 


You might be moving to a new home andneed a place to put your horse for a brief period.  In which case with prior arrangements you can bring your horse in for that brief period.


Our daily rate is $75  per day  for stays less than a week.


Your horse will be stalled and have access to a paddock.  Receive the same great care the long term  boarders get, but not have access to the pasture

Rates may be subject to change without notice.


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Plan 2 

Long term care which is boarding by the month.  Your horse will have access to a shelter, be provided fresh water 24/7.  Have full access to pasture.  Get quality hay when pasture is not available And in general be cared for like oneof our own.


A general boarding contract is signed and required is one months payment in advance to be held for security and one months board at entry. 


Please refer to our Home page for more details and besure to review our boarding agreement.


If your horse requires special services, such as a certain feed, there may be an additional charge for certain services.


We offer grooming.  However farrier services are payable to the local farrier as are any vet calls. 

We are not a vetting facility and while we can handle certain problems, we rely on contaction the local vets that are on our call list.

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

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Special Services

No body likes to be mucked up.

We offer grooming for those times when a wash with a shampoo may be necessary or just a great body rub.  Since this is a service, you can decide your plan and we can let you know if your animal needs a good cleaning or if you want us to give them a rub, you can let us know in advance how often.  We will bill accordingly.


As mentioned, vetting and farrier are seperate.