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PRIVATE HORSE BOARDING FACILITY in Watseka, IL for retired horses.  Our facility is suitable for retired horses as it is not a training stable or riding facilities but is a peaceful place for retired equines to be out to pasture.   Provided in board is access to shelter, access to water 24/7, quality hay and your retiree will run with a small herd on a great pasture.  Your horse will be well taken care of by a loving couple that has well over 4 decades of horse experience and experience with other livestock, along with farm management and ranching.   The caretakers are on premise 24/7.



Horse owners agrees to a credit check prior to entry and should be well able to manage board payments and their horses expenses.


References are required and they should be a prior place boarded or rented, current veterinarian, farrier and a boss, possibly other.

We require a security payment equal to one months board to be paid in advance and held in security along with the first months board payment for long term entries.  Prompt payment for the following months board is due on the 21st and before the first of each month. 

Security may be refunded only if all services and other payments are made in full and there are no damages that need to be recouped by the facility. 


We do offer a short term plan as well, but only in certain cases

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We got a call from someone who thought a horse was being neglected.  On investigation we found quite the opposite in that the facility was being very diligent.  The facility was clean, the pasture was great, the animals had access to water and none of the animals showed any signs of abue or neglect.

We rate this facility as excellent.



They have a passion for the animals.  The place always looks nice and the animals well taken care of


Sun City West, Arizona



We require a current negative coggins before entry with a current health paper.  Both papers must be no older than 30 days. 

Animals shoes must be removed prior to arrival and the animal should be wormed prior to entry.  We apologize but we cannot accept stallions as the herd here is primarily mares.

Boarders must also sign our boarding contract along with any waivers and agree to abide by the rules of the facility which are posted on this site and at the facility.

Horse owners may be subject to additional service charges/expenses if their animals require more than the basics as listed here.  Such services include and are not limited to grooming, special feed, and other such services that may be offered here but that are not listed.


Grounds are kept clean and maintained by the caretakers and the owners of the facility expect our guests to not be litterbugs, theives or destroyers of property.

If I needed a pasture or

stable, I would want it there.


St Louis, MO.