Barn Rules!

Pure and simple We want your animals stay to be pleasant, however... we have a few rules and the rules are also posted for your convenience in the Barn!

                       When in doubt ask the Management!  

1)  Safety and security first!  This is a no smoking, no alcohol facility
2)  All payments are expected to be timely.
3)  No dogs are allowed unleashed or here without consent.  Dog on premise, do not pet!  No animals here without prior consent.
4)  We do not tolerate trespassing, abuse or harassment or reckless behavior.  Your child is not our responsibility.  Be courteous!
5)  Leave it as you found it.  If it's locked it's for a good reason!  If it says KEEP OUT, you better have consent to be there.
6)  This facility is not responsible for losses or injuries of any kind.
7)  Boarding agreement, any waivers and attachments must be signed prior to animals entry.
8)  Do not handle others animals without expressed permission preferably in writing.
9)  Keep it clean.  We are not without issues of muck and at certain times of the year it cannot be helped but we do our  level best to keep all areas managed appropriately.
10) No hunting, therefore no weapons.  This is an animal sanctuary.
This is also a residence where people live and work and we appreciate you informing us of when you are coming and going.  It is a gated facility with locks on gates for good reasons!  
12) If you cannot abide and follow the rules of this facility, we cannot accomodate you or your horse. If you violate the rules, we will have to ask you to leave without refunds of any security payment that has been made and local law is enforced as per the State of Illinois.
             Thank you for your consideration.
                               The Management